Bulldogs have a storied history even if they do look like they lost a game of chicken with a parked mail truck. According to Wikipedia, they're “a muscular, hefty dog with a wrinkled face and a distinctive pushed-in nose.” That’s a much kinder way of describing that unfortunate postal vehicle accident, but I digress. Bulldogs were also associated with Winston Churchill’s heroic posturing back in the big war. Described by BBC, “to many, the Bulldog is a national icon, symbolising pluck and determination.” You know it’s a legit British quote because they spelled “symbolising” with an “s”.

A while back, I got my hands on a Benjamin Bulldog and its fraternal twin, the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow. While the Airbow is a nifty tool for hunting applications and perforating trees with arrows, the Bulldog has many practical applications too. While, like the Airbow, its looks are non-traditional, it’s got everything you’d expect in a big bore air rifle, even if it shares that flattened nose with our iconic English canine.


Let’s take a closer look.

First, I should note that what you see in the photos here are from the Benjamin Big Game Hunter Pack configuration. That includes the rifle with a special camo finish, a bipod, a 4-16x scope, a box of Nosler .357 Ballistic Tip eXtreme bullets, and even a nifty carrying case. You can also buy the base rifle without all that if you want to choose your own accessories. I should also note that the model shown here is the spiffier Realtree Xtra with camo finish. If you want to save $50 give or take, you can get it in basic black too.


The Benjamin Bulldog is a .357 caliber PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifle. If you’re new to the airgun thing, PCP means that the rifle has an onboard air tank that packs enough pre-compressed air to fire multiple shots. You don’t have to “charge it” with air for each shot, however, just as with any other rifle, you need to cock it to reset the action. While we’re talking about that, we ought to mention that the Bulldog is a Bullpup design, meaning much of the action is placed far back in the stock. To cock the Bulldog, just swing the cocking lever out from the side of the buttstock. It’s ambidextrous, so you can easily move it to the other side.

The Bullpup design puts the action, including the cocking lever and magazine far back on the stock. That helps keep overall length to 36 inches.

While we’re talking about attributes related to its short and handy Bullpup configuration, the five-shot rotary magazine rides in the upper part of the buttstock, just four inches from the buttpad. Since all the moving parts are in the stern that means you can have a full-length accessory rail all the way down the top of the rifle. The rail on the Bulldog starts right in front of your nose and continues about 26 inches until it ends just short of the muzzle. There’s plenty of room for a traditional scope, forward-mounted scout scope, lights, lasers, or electric chainsaws if you like. Up front, there’s a five-inch rail segment on the bottom. That’s the perfect location for the included bipod in the Big Game Hunter Pack. The Bulldog also has sling swivel attachment points fore and aft.

The Big Game Hunter Pack includes a very nice bipod.

Speaking of that full-length stock, it not only covers the shrouded barrel but the tubular air cylinder too. The  340 cc reservoir holds 3,000 pounds per square inch of lead slug-flinging air and you’ll get about ten good shots before needing to top off your air supply. On the right side of the stock, just forward of the cocking lever, is an easy-to-read manometer (pressure gauge) so you can keep track of your status when in the field or recharging. The fill port is just below that, under the buttstock. It’s a Foster connection covered by a plastic snap-on door so it doesn’t catch on stuff while in use.


Name change reflects company’s diverse and leading outdoor product portfolio and growth prospects.

Bloomfield, NY August 6, 2018 -- Crosman Corporation, a subsidiary of Compass Diversified Holdings, LLC (NYSE: CODI), today announced that its board of directors has approved its holding company's new name: Velocity Outdoor. The new corporate identity better reflects the diverse portfolio of brands currently under the Crosman Corporation umbrella and highlights the company’s strengths in the hunting, shooting and outdoor markets.

The name change does not impact any of the market-leading consumer brands, among them Crosman and Benjamin Airguns, CenterPoint Archery and Optics, LaserMax, Copperhead, and GameFace Airsoft. Velocity Outdoor will encompass these historic brands, which are known for innovation, performance, quality, and value.

The Student Air Rifle Program (SAR) reports over 2,100 students participated during SAR as part of in-school air rifle lessons during the recently finished 2017/2018 school year.

“This past year’s participation brings total SAR student involvement in Missouri schools to over 6,000 students since the program was started”, noted Jake Hindman, President and CEO of SAR.  “We thank the nearly 100 certified Basic Air Riflery Instructors (BARI) who facilitate and teach SAR curriculum to students. For additional information regarding SAR participation, check out our brief SARmetrics report by visiting”

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The 2018 Crosman All-American Field Target Championship (CAAFTC) has come to a successful close. Hosted by the Rochester Brooks Gun Club on July 20-22, there were over 90 competitors from seventeen states, two Canadian Provinces and Puerto Rico.

Jeff Paddock from Olmsted Township OH was the All-Around Champion, knocking down 145 out of 180 targets. Other notable results included Greg Sauve of Green Bay, WI, edging out local competitor Peter Brooks of Rochester, NY to win the WFTF PCP division by just one target with a score of 102 to 101. In the Hunter PCP Division, Tom Himes ultimately triumphed in a shoot off against his brother Dennis Himes after ending the first round in a tie. See a complete listing of all results below.

In 2020, from July 24th to August 9th, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be home to a record 33 sports and 339 events.

On July 25th — the day following the opening ceremony — a total of 21 sports will be featured in an action-packed competition schedule: shooting sport, which is going to deliver the first of its 15 gold medals, is one of those. The rest of the shooting sport events will stretch out until August 3rd, and during this period at least one final event will take place on each day, except for July 29th and August 2nd. Rifle and Pistol disciplines will generate 10 gold medals in total, while shotgun events will contribute with 5 more golds.

The tour of the torch will officially kick off on August 5th, when the sacred flame will land in La Plata (ARG). Many Argentinian cities will be touched by the tour, which is going to conclude on October 6th in Buenos Aires (ARG).

The Flame Lightning Ceremony for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games took place at the historic Panathenaic Stadium in Athens (GRE) on Tuesday, July 24th, the location of the first edition of the Olympic Games in the modern era in 1896. The flame for the third edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games was lit by the sun’s rays reflected in a parabolic mirror. The high priestess from the Temple of Hera passed on the torch to the first relay runner, marking the start of the Torch Tour.

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The competition is open to all.

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